Do you have a question about the festival ?
Find all the answers on the Cinewax OAFF Festival platform.
Where can I buy my ticket to see the movies?

You can buy the OAFF ticket directly on this website by clicking on the “Book your OAFF Ticket” tab.

If you don’t find it, here is the direct link to the payment page :

https://oafffest.cinewax.org/subscribe  (Credit card only).

For Mobile payment, you can access a specific tab on the menu of this website. See the section “How much is the OAFF online ticket” to get more information about the price policy per region.

Please note your password. if you forget it, you can reset it at any time.

I didn't receive the e-mail confirmation

Once you subscribe, check your SPAM, or the PROMOTION and FORUM tabs (gmail). 

Many of you don’t receive our e-mails because they are considered as undesirable.

Search our e-mail “oaff@cinewax.org” and put it into the whitelist.

You just have to put the e-mail in your main tab (see how to do it here). ex : for gmail “drag & drop” the e-mail in your main tab.

I payed my ticket but I can't access to the movies

Once you have bought your ticket, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your payment.

The OAFF streaming platform can be found at https://oafffest.cinewax.org where you need to create an account.

PLEASE keep your password safe. If you forget it, you can always reset your passwork.

In some cases, a slight update delay from our platform provider (Okast) can prevent you to have access to your offer after the payment.

1. First, verify that your payment has been processed with your bank services.

2. Try to disconnect/ reconnect with your login and password.

3. If it doesn’t work, clear your cache (see in your browser’s parameters) and repete the operation.

4. Reset your password and try to reconnect.

5. Check your browser compatibility (go to our section “report a technical issue” to get more info).

If you still can’t connect after all these steps, please contact us with your email used for creating your account (more info in the same section : report a technical issue).

How much is the OAFF online ticket?

The OAFF is available worldwide at an afordable price. Prices can vary according to the country where you live or where you’re watching the movies.

CB card payment :

Europe : €8

USA / Canada : US$8

United Kingdom : £8

South America : US$5

Africa (francophone) : 2,3€ / 1500 FCFA

Africa (anglophone) : US$4

Rest of the World : US$6

Mobile payment :

ONLY in Africa, FCFA zone countries : Ivory Coast, Benin, Senegal.


*We depend on our mobile payment partners to provide this service to our viewers. If mobile payment is not activated in your country, you have to pay by credit card.

Error : "There appears to be playback issue", or the film stops while playing

If the “player” button doesn’t work, it means that you’re not in the country access area.

Player bugs can happen for several reasons 

– compatibility with your device / browser

– loading time is too long (your network is not good)

– Latency time on the page (you left the film page open too long before coming back to play the film)

1. First and foremost, start by recharging your page (close and open your browser). 

2. Empty the cache (find in the parameters of your browser)

3. If it doesn’t work, log out and log in to your OAFF account.

4. if you get the message “There appears to be playback issue” try the steps 1 to 3.

5. If you can’t watch them, it may also be due to a compatiblility problem about the platform on your browser, or the device your are using.

See here

6. If the  “player” button doesn’t work, you might not be in a zone available for the platform. The OAFF 2019 is available worldwide. You should not be experiencing this issue, however it can happen in some specific cases.

7. If you still have a problem after these steps, go to “report a technical problem




How long can I watch the movies?

Movies are available during the whole month of the festival, from november 15 to december 15, 2019.

The access is unlimited, worldwide, in the period of the festival. You can watch all the films whenever, wherever you want.

After December 15, 2019, the movies won’t be available anymore on the OAFF platform.

Resume Watching feature

If you stopped a movie, it will appear of the top of the platform when you come back. If you come to the film page, it will remember the minute you stopped.

The movies are not available in my own language.

The Cinewax team strive to provide good quality movies with translated subtitles in several languages (french, english, spanish). We are a charity and our volunteer team is trying is best to translate these subtitles for you.

If the subtitles are not available in your language, it may be due to a technical problem. You can report us any technical problem (see : “Report a technical problem”).

If ever the subtitles are not available, it means that we didn’t received them.

How to participate in a launch session?

Cinewax OAFF organizes preview screenings in several cities around the world to announce the festival.

You can participate by going to the event section of  the Cinewax facebook page, or by clicking on this link


The events are happening between November 8 to November 20 in several countries.

You can find all the movies online from November 15 to December 15, 2019.

I received a free ticket, but I can't watch the films

In some case, the OAFF can send you a “free ticket” to watch the movies for free :

– If you are a guest, partner, a director (or other)

– if you have bought a presale ticket before the opening

The tickets are configured to last 30 days, and you might have your access blocked within the period of the festival without knowing why


1. Please watch this tutorial and respect every steps :

click here to watch the tutorial

2. try to reset your password. Or log out / log in of the platform

3. empty your cache

If however it does not work, we can resend you an free access link. Email us at oaff@cinewax.org.


Where can I see the OAFF 2019 film selection?

The Cinewax OAFF 2019 selection theme is the African Dream.

See the page of the 2019 selection.

Report a technical problem

For any technical problem such as :

– black screen

– movie can’t be opened

– subtitles reading

– payment doesn’t work

1. Check if your equipment (Mac, laptop, smartphone) is compatible with our platform, by clicking here.

2. If needed, update your browser

3. If you didn’t find the solution, please fill in this form :


or write to admin@cinewax.org

(Our team will answer in the next 24 to 48 hours)